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Janet Raesly Fine Arts specializing in seascapes, waterscapes and still life art work.  Located in Bethesda, MD with inspiration from the Delaware seashores to the lakes and mountains of Western Maryland.

About the Artist...

My paintings are influenced by the colors and light of the Delaware coast. They offer a moment to pause and reflect as they capture the landscape and draw the viewer in, often reminding them of a memory or an emotion. My focus is on landscapes, waterscapes and still life, using oil paints on canvas.

Born and raised in Maryland, I spent my summers along the coast enjoying the peacefulness that the ocean brings. I took an interest in painting at a very young age and studied under local artists Margaret Kranking and Evelyn Wynn, where I learned to translate the serenity and calmness of the sea into coastally inspired landscapes.


My style is often referred to as expressionistic realism. I see the beauty in simple landscapes and am passionate about expressing what I see and feel on canvas. My work is in private collections and has been exhibited in the Sulgrave Club of Washington, the Chevy Chase Women's Club, and the Rehoboth Art League. I am based in Bethesda, Maryland and Rehoboth, Delaware.

- Janet

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